A documentary story

The author: Golubtsova Olga Valentinovna

This book is the first in the series “Cruel Fates” which is to contain two more stories: “Life After Life” (about the fate of Marina Prusakova-Oswald, the Russian wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, the US President John Kennedy’s assassin) and “Light а candle…” (a relative title – about Xenia Gemp, the last Bestuzhev Courses graduate in Russia)




Introduction Fragments Of Destinies

Chapter 1: Sergeant Bill’s Postbag

Chapter 2: Crazy about Interclubs

Chapter 3 “Little” Vera And Yasha

Chapter 4: A Lord From the Banks Of the Dvina

Chapter 5: Valentina Iyevleva And Her One Hundred Englishmen

Chapter 6 : Peter + Lyudmila = Parting And Separation

Chapter 7: “Secret Service Agent” Tonya

Chapter 8: Land Of Our Fathers, the City of Glasgow

Chapter 9: Tears Of Wartime Love

Chapter 10: Parrots By Torchlight: Memories Of a Customs Officer

Chapter 11: Seamen’s Journey “Through the Looking-Glass”

Chapter 12: A Dramatic Turnaround!

Chapter 13: A Ringlet From the Year 1943



Издатель: “Lotsiya” Literary and Publishing Centre.
Год издания: 2016.
Формат 60х84/16. 224стр.
Тираж 1000 экз.
ISBN 978-5-905810-99-2